Local Equine Assistance Network

L.E.A.N. is a unique horse nonprofit because we do not have a physical ranch or sanctuary. Our network of fosters, volunteers and sponsors rescue horses seized by or surrendered to the Animal Control agencies of Clark County, Nevada. These L.E.A.N. horses are kept in private foster homes and cared for by the members of that barn.

L.E.A.N. has been the last hope for many horses and donkeys with no place left to go.

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Featured Horses


Miss Dotty is a pretty polka dot mare seeking a new family

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Left with no hope, Sassy begins a new life with L.E.A.N.

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Cute mare ready to share fun and friendship with you!

Brown Betty (B.B.)

Cute little mare is ready to share fun and friendship with you!

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An upside-down rainbow, she’s a happy and bright companion animal :)

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