Press: Featured in Double D Trailers

Recently, we were approached by Double D Trailers to write a feature about LEAN and what we’ve been able to accomplish during the past couple of years that LEAN has been in the Las Vegas valley helping and rescuing horses that would have otherwise been completely neglected, abused, or abandoned. To read the full article, click here. Thanks again Double D Trailers!

Rescue Me

Why would anyone want a “rescue horse”?  With so many other horses being offered up for sale at low prices with guarantees of performance, health, and reliability….why would somebody take a chance on what someone else threw away?  It can only be explained by those who have experienced the magic of taking a forsaken life and turning it around, then looking at their own

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We, The Volunteers

A little over the two-year mark from the early beginnings of L.E.A.N., it’s amazing to look back at how much has already been accomplished, and the foundation that’s been laid for continued growth and success.  This organization has taken on a life of its own, expanded in new directions, and its lifeblood are the volunteers. When first launched, the main focus for L.E.A.N. was

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