Their Story

Meet Amy

Amy entered the LEAN program in late September, 2012, a neglect/cruelty seizure from CCAC. She had open wounds plus an untreated abdominal hernia.

After 2 years with LEAN, young Amy matured and blossomed into a gorgeous horse who could trust humans again.

Her fantastic foster rode her regularly for over a year attending cow sortings, ropings, arena events, trail riding and even participated in the annual Veteran’s Day parade in downtown Las Vegas.

Finally the right person came to meet Amy, a man looking for a trail companion and forever friend.

Congrats Mark and Amy!


Mark + Amy

Dozens of L.E.A.N. supporters helped Amy through her 2+ year journey to adoption.  Special Thanks to the following:

Erika & Taylor Silva (Foster)

Craig & Sandy Botzer (Foster)

Brenda Fleming (Sentinel)

Dr. Rochen Heers (dentistry)

Dr. Jennifer Boeche (medical)