Their Story

Meet Bones

June 2012 – Neglect/cruelty seizure of this Nevada-born mustang by Animal Control was mere hours before it would have been too late

Taken into L.E.A.N. the minute the 24-hr hold was up… he is started on nutrition using the Davis refeeding protocol

Day 10 of recovery with L.E.A.N. medical director Kimberly Burton, “Bones” is improving

One month into recovery with Kimmie, Bones begins to fill out again

Two months post-rescue, Bones is returning to normal health

Three months post-rescue, Bones has turned out to be a LARGE mustang and beautiful to boot

Five months after his life nearly ended from starvation, Bones is rehabilitated and adopted by the Hankins family, one of his many caregivers and supporters

Only 3 months later, Flynn was adopted by one of his foster/trainer’s students and will stay with his friends at Talisman Farm.


Hankins Family + Bones


Bones received an outpouring of support from the Las Vegas community – his story of survival epitomizes the L.E.A.N. mission – take those with no hope left, and give them another chance at life. Special thanks to:

Desert Pines Equine Center
Dell Millward
Steve Senn
Kimberly Burton
Anastasia Smith – Sun Horse Massage
Ethan Tattam