Their Story

Meet Boyfriend

Our last intake of 2017 (and #66 overall) is a sweet gelding in desperate need of medical care. He has a sarcoid tumor surrounding the right orbital socket.

After 2 months of alternative treatments, it was decided that we couldn’t save his eye, and it was surgically removed in late Feb 2018.

Losing his eye didn’t change his amazing personality and love of people. He was fostered by one of his medical caregivers (Bryce) and treated with so much care and kindness.

Boyfriend has fully recovered and moves to foster Cheryl Johannot for assessment and retraining with Katelynn Eddy.  He’s an easy, sweet horse and the loss of his eye doesn’t affect him while riding.

Handsome Boyfriend captured professionally by For Evermore Pet Photography (donated by Misty Epstein)

In June 2019, his new owners, Ron Jones and Jessie Kuntz, fell in love with Boyfriend. He moves on to his forever home with their program, Withers for Warriors, a local equine therapy program, and will help heal humans!

Boyfriend + Withers for Warriors

Thank you Sentinels!

Nickie Lacer

Conni Canaday