Their Story

Meet Delilah

Delilah came to L.E.A.N. in January 2014 from The Animal Foundation, a quarterhorse mare approx. 8 years old.

Delilah was adopted not once but twice, each time returning to L.E.A.N. as the adoption was either not a longtime match, or the owner came upon unforseen hardship.

Delilah was a large, strong-willed mare but it was ultimately a little girl who proved to be the right fit.

Congratulations to Chloe and Delilah – who are already entering the show ring together and in love with each other!


Delilah + Chloe


Special thanks to Delilah’s fosters and trainers over the years:  Janel Wall, The Silvas, Katelynn Eddy, Horsefeathers Farm, Alyson Kahle.