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Meet Faith

Found loose on the East side of Las Vegas in October 2016, she was a body score of 1/9.

She arrived to LEAN after 72 hours of care and is brought to veteran foster Fred Cook’s ranch for recovery.

She is named “Faith” and the long journey begins to nurture her abscessed feet and malnourished body back to health. Fred’s grandson Brady Cook does much of the rehabilitation work.

By January, she is putting on weight, her abscessed feet have healed, and her coat is shiny again.

Faith is assessed by vets as around 20 years old and with a neurological disorder that she has learned to compensate for; she can lay down, rise, even trot around in play, but will not be under saddle.  She was retired in Fred’s honor to our Senior Sanctuary in July 2017.

A beautiful update photo in Fall of 2018 of Faith enjoying her pasture life. (photo courtesy of For Evermore Pet Photography).

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