Granny & Granpa
Their Story

Meet Granny & Granpa

Near the end of 2016, these two old horses are found loose together and nobody claimed them.

They are taken together to Desert Pines for health assessments.

They both receive radiographs on their front feet, and are determined to be 20-25 years old with DJD.

They are brought together to veteran LEAN foster Cynthia Eddington’s ranch and are settled in with feed and blankets.

On to Greener Pastures

In the Fall of 2017, Granpa passed from colic and shortly thereafter, Granma could no longer stand and crossed over to be with Granpa again.

Special thanks to caretakers Paula and Bear, fosters Cindy and Joe, and the excellent care and tenderness from Kimberly Burton and Desert Pines Equine Center.

Thank You Sentinels!

Carolyn Surginer

JC Farris