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Meet Hayleigh

Intake #75, our new mare “Hayleigh”. She’s named after a young local girl who has supported L.E.A.N. with a beautiful heart. The mare Hayleigh was found running loose in the Valley of Fire and no one came to claim her. She had been at Desert Pines Equine for weeks due to a hock injury. 

Hayleigh was taken into the L.E.A.N. program in May 2019 and will recover at foster home Horse Feathers Farm until her injury heals and she can be assessed for adoption.


Want to Adopt Hayleigh?

* in training/assessment *

Thank you to her Angels who donated toward her care:  Amber and Hayleigh Winiarczyk, Janet Spelman, Karen Donnahie, Susan Paddock, Gary Dodson, Trudy Harris, Sharon Fiato, Susan Jackson, Sean Lewis, Susan Warner, Jeri Tracy, Sue Butler, and Lena Wright.

Thank you Sentinels!

Amber and Hayleigh Winiarczyk

Kelli Pedraza

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