Their Story

Meet Journey

Gentle Journey came to LEAN originally in June 2012, was adopted, and returned again in 2014 when his new owner suffered financial hardship and could no longer keep him.

He has degenerative navicular disease and was being made as comfortable as possible with supportive shoeing

Beautiful and calm, he was a perfect beginner horse for anyone.

He was passed over for months due to his foot problems, until finally his day came again

Congratulations to Journey, Rich and Janet Hunter!


Hunter Family + Journey


Update: Sadly, despite all the best treatment given to Journey, after only a year in the special care of the Hunters, he succumbed to the disease in his feet, and was humanely euthanized surrounded by loving family and friends.

Special thanks to Journey’s fosters:

Elaine Episcope
Shawnda Logan-Smith
Cat Wardlow
Dreamwalker Ranch
Allison Bonanno
Sue Clark