Their Story

Meet Minnie

Some kind heavy equipment operators working on BLM land found Minnie far from shelter and water. After giving her some water in a bucket and consulting with Robin Bailey, they emptied out their own water bottles into a cooler to give Minnie a more refreshing drink.

After being picked up by Animal Control, Minnie was taken directly to Desert Pines hospital where this picture was taken. We’ve discussed that this is probably one of our toughest intakes yet (remember Bones from a few years back?)

Want to help?

“It’s been years since we’ve had one like this. Maybe since the beginning of L.E.A.N. with “Bones“.”

We have 6 old or injured horses to support already, and no fundraisers except online thanks to COVID. It’s a nervous time for charities, but how could we not take her?

There’s no guarantee we can duplicate the miracle we did with Bones, but we will try. Even if it’s only to give this old girl a few twilight months or years… but ones with food, a soft stall, and ample love.

If you have anything to spare, please donate for Minnie. She deserves better than this.”


Want to Adopt Minnie?

While Minnie is in recovery and graciously being fostered by Robin Bailey, we’d like to open up adoption applications for this sweet and very lucky girl.

Thank you to…

Amber Winiarczyk
Tobe Bako
Danielle Foley
Rich & Janet Hunter
Betty Young
Chanel Jernigan
Caitlin Beall

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