Their Story

Meet Minnie

Some kind heavy equipment operators working on BLM land found Minnie far from shelter and water. After giving her some water in a bucket and consulting with Robin Bailey, they emptied out their own water bottles into a cooler to give Minnie a more refreshing drink.

After being picked up by Animal Control, Minnie was taken directly to Desert Pines hospital where this picture was taken. We’ve discussed that this is probably one of our toughest intakes yet (remember Bones from a few years back?)

Minnie came to L.E.A.N. in August 2020 and eight months later, after a careful refeeding protocol, looked like this in March 2021.  We thank everyone, especially her foster, for making this miracle possible.

Minnie developed a strong bond with a horse named Teddy while she was boarded with Robin Bailey.  When it was time for Teddy’s owner Stacey to take him home, she couldn’t leave Minnie behind, and officially adopted her as a companion.  Congratulations to all! Special Thanks to fosters Robin Bailey and Bailey Buist.


Minnie + Teddie

Thank you to…

Amber Winiarczyk
Tobe Bako
Danielle Foley
Rich & Janet Hunter
Tyson Jolley
Neil May
Chanel Jernigan