Their Story

Meet Ruby

Ruby was one of two horses discovered by neighbors living in a small residential backyard next to the pool.

She was reluctant to stand and had advanced hoof disfigurement due to untreated laminitis.

She was finally released to our care and received regular trims, proper feed, and pain control through a loving foster.

Seven tons of beach sand was donated for her stall from Star Nursery and she received new shoes. We tried to ensure Ruby was as comfortable as possible.

Channel 13 followed these two horses (the other was Fortunato) which came to be known as the “Backyard Horses”. See below:
Nov 2012
Jan 2012
March 2013

Despite her feeling better during the winter, the laminitis reflared with an early summer. Unable to walk properly and suffering great pain, we made the most difficult of all decisions to let her go.

On to Greener Pastures

RIP Ruby 1992-2013