Their Story

Meet Sunny

In November 2015 this old gal is found abandoned and wandering loose by the train tracks in Apex, and in poor condition. She is taken into Animal Control and from there, eventually comes to L.E.A.N.

She is brought to Desert Pines for a physical exam and treatment of a gooey eye

She also receives a much needed dental thanks to donations from her Angels

She settles into foster care with food, shelter, medicine, and the loving care she needs to recover.

This old thoroughbred is retired to Senior Sanctuary in May of 2016 and settled in with Lucky.  They will live out their twilight years together in pasture at Sanctuary.

2018 beautiful update photo courtesy of For Evermore Pet Photography

Tattoo info: Twilight Escapade

TB# S23378

Sunny’s Angels:

  • Trudy Harris
  • Gary Dodson
  • Elaine Graitge
  • Carroll Barson


Thank you Sentinels!

Sarah Parker

JC Farris