Tommy Tango
Their Story

Meet Tommy Tango

Tommy was rescued by LEAN in August 2012 and fostered by several L.E.A.N. volunteers for nearly six years.

Always a gem on the ground, he just didn’t take to saddlework (aptly unseating even advanced riders) so was available for adoption only as a companion animal.

Tommy’s big day finally comes when he is adopted as a second L.E.A.N. horse and companion pony to the Yates family, and will join Callie at their barn.


Yonetta + Jeff + Callie + Tommy Tango

THANK YOU to our special fosters who cared so well for Tommy:

Anne Marie DiPiero Huff

Jodi Leininger

THANK YOU monthly SENTINELS who supported Tommy’s care over the years:

Linda Florence

Darcy Grizzle

Stephanie Brown