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 L.E.A.N. horses recover and find new hope through the support of our sponsors. These businesses have pledged their commitment to helping change the life of the Unwanted Horse in our community by financially supporting the L.E.A.N. program.

Please thank and patronize our Diamond, Sapphire, and Ruby sponsors with your support.
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One Horse At A Time
Liberty Tax
The Cantering Cactus
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The Wall and Weisenauer family – Las Vegas, NV
The Waddel family – Las Vegas, NV
The Chavez family – Henderson, NV
The Brown family – Tonopah NV
The Lewis/Winiarczyk family – Las Vegas, NV
The Parker family – Brunswick, ME
The Parker family – Las Vegas, NV
The Augustine family – Shady Cove, OR
The Harris family – Pahrump, NV
The Winnefeld family – Las Vegas, NV
The Wolzinger Foundation – Las Vegas, NV